Reasons for an elopement

In the last years, more and more couples decided to celebrate an small wedding in nature or to elope. And I love this trend!

If I would get married today, I knew that an elopement would be the perfect way to say I do. I can't imagine anything more beautiful than standing in the middle of a fantastic landscape, nothing but nature around me, and listening to my partner's vows in these intimate and private surroundings. But I know that not everyone should elope, there are many couples who wanna have a big traditional wedding, and that's fine, your wedding day should be exactly how you want it to be. It should reflect how you and your relationship really are, and let you smile every time you think about it.

In this blog post I write about the best reasons to elope.

It is all about you and your love

Elopements are bringing the wedding day back to what is essential – you two, the love between you, and the promise that you spend the rest of your life together.

How you say your vows, where you do it and how you celebrate the rest of this special day is totally up to you two.

Make your dreams come true

You can make your wedding day to the best, the most beautiful and the most exciting day of your life. OK better not of your whole life, it would be sad if you don't have anything to look forward after you got married, but anyway, plan your day that it let's you dance around in the kitchen and your heart skip a beat anytime you think about it.

You can go camel riding in the Sahara desert and say your „I do's“ under a thousand stars, have a romantic candlelight dinner at the beach while you watch the sunset, jump naked into a lake after the elopement ceremony, or take a helicopter ride up the highest glacier.....

What ever you may dream of, there are no limits, you can celebrate this day, anyway you want

It is YOUR day

The small intimate moments between you, are what make a wedding day really special. These private moments where you can feel the love in the air.

Often at big traditional weddings there isn't much time for just the two of you, and a lot couples don't enjoy being in the center of attention for a whole day.

When you choose to elope, you have the whole day just for yourself, you can spend every second together and enjoy the magic of your love...

It will be „YOUR SPECIAL PLACE“ for the rest of your life

There's nothing you enjoy more than wandering together through the forest behind your house, your first date was a hike to this one mountain that since than is so unique to you, or you dreamt of a wedding ceremony at a lonely beach in Australia since you spent your first vacation together there. Amazing! I bet every couple has a particular spot that has a vital meaning to them, and if not – great to look for a new location, maybe somewhere you have never been.... The place where you get married will be unique for you till the end of your life, and is it not beautiful to have a place where you can come back over and over and remember this unique day when you promised to love you forever....


On your Elopement, you can be completely yourself. You can decide how you want the ceremony to be that truly reflects your relationship, and plan the whole day how you imagine the best day of your life.

Many couples feel like traditional weddings with hundreds of guests, don't really fit to them, and that's OK.

Everyone is unique, and so is your relationship and as special as you and your love are should your wedding day be. Than that is what it's all about when you get married – you two and your love for each other. Let your day reflect how you two really are!

Don't let the planning stress you.

Some people enjoy planning a big wedding party, others hate it. Of course you need also to organize some things for your elopement, or if you want you can plan a full day of adventures. But it is up to you!

You spend your money just for yourself

In my opinion money should never be the most important thing at a wedding, you get married once in your life (usually) and you deserve to celebrate this special day exactly how you want it. But we all know, that money is an important point in planning your big day.

I think you should never decide to elope just because it seems to be cheaper but anyway, if you don't have to pay for a menu for 200 guests, don't need to rent a ball room, or even a band. You can spend a nice amount of money to make your elopement day really unique and unforgettable.

When you start planning your Elopement or Wedding don't think about what others would do, instead think about what really reflects you and your relationship. It is your big day and you should create an experience that fits to you and let you smile every time you think about it.

Let go of all the expectations your family or friends may have, they will love no matter what you decide to do. And why not getting married in the nature just the two of you and celebrating a relaxed garden party with your family and friends when you are back. You can totally do both.

I am sure there are people who enjoy a big traditional wedding with a ceremony in the church, 200 guests everything that you see in the Hollywood movies. But never choose to do something on your wedding day because anyone wants you to, always remember it is your day and it should be exactly how you want it to be. So that you smile full of excitement while you plan it and you feel blessed and happy for the rest of your life when you think back to this amazing day. Be yourself, do whatever feels right and let your dreams become reality!

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