Roadtrip USA West

What could be a more epic start into the new Year than a Roadtrip up from Los Angeles to San Francisco, with stops in Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Las Vegas, Yosemite Nationalpark and Big Sur? With this trip in February I could tick so many places from my bucket list and it was even much better than I imagined.

Day 1 & 2

We flew from Munic to Los Angeles. Where ee stayed in a nice hostel by Venice Beach and took the Bus to Beverly Hills and Down Town. The next day we visited Marina del Ray and Fishermans Village on our way to pick up the van.

Day 3

We got our Van and drove directly from LA to Joshua Tree Nationalpark, it already started getting dark when we arrived there but we found a nice Camp Site at Hidden Valley. The next day we visited the Cholla Cactus Farm and started the drive up to Grand Canyon Nationalpark.

Day 4 and 5

It was a long drive to Grand Canyon, but the view at our destination blew our mind away. Canyon as far as we could see, and the colors of the rock are amazing, I could have sat at one of the rocks and look over the landscape for hours, the feeling was just incredible....

The next day we wanted to watch the sunrise over the canyon and found some beautiful deer on our way to the view point.

Our next stop was by the historic watch tower...

After enjoying this amazing view we made our way to page...

...where we explored the Lower Antelope Canyon.

The sunset that day, was one of my favorite experiences. We hiked to Horseshoe Bend and enjoyed the last sunrays of the day over this epic spot. I´ve seen so many pictures of this place, but the reality was even more impressive...

Day 6

The next day started as epic, as the last ended. We watched sunrise over Lake Powell and drove to Monument Vally afterwards. This wasn´t on our planed route, but the extra miles were totally worth it...

Our next stop was in the Natural Bridges State Park. It´s so interesting how many different places this nature has to offer...

Day 7

This was again a long day of driving, but we made a few epic stops in our way to Las Vegas.

The first one at Bryce Canyon, this was my favorite Canyon we´ve seen on our trip.

While we where looking for a campsite, we saw the most colorful sunset, it was epic...

Day 8

We found a nice place for the night at Lake Meadow, and the next day surprised us with a lovely sunrise...

After breakfast we made our way to Las Vegas, and the city life was so different from camping in the Nationalparks the days before.

Day 9/10/11

I was pretty excited for our next stop, we drove to Yosemite Nationalpark, for wich I attended a amazing Workshop I was looking for since months...

And when we arrived at Yosemite we were so impressed, the view through the valley is so much better in real life than it looks on pictures. And all this beautiful waterfalls, impressive mountains, and the wildlife was just incredible...

River in Yosemite Nationalpark

Day 12

It was hard to leave Yosemite, because there would be so much more to see. But I really wanted to see Big Sure. So we drove back to the westcoast...

The view over Mc Way falls made me feel like in paradise, I mean did you ever se a more beautiful place?

Then we drove the historic Highway 1 up to San Fracisco where we spen´t the last couple of days.

It was a lot of driving, but we enjoyed every single place we´ve seen so much! The beauty and diversity of the nature fascinated us so much, and there would be so much more to explore. We can´t wait for our next big road trip.

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