Sunrise Couplesession in Ouarzazate, Morocco

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We made a stopover in a cozy Riad near Ourzazate, on the way from Marrakech to Merzouga, while planning this trip we found only the name so funny, but the landscape was really special. In the middle of red sand and stone hills I felt like in another world. Of course we could not miss this opportunity and so we got up early the next morning to take engagement pictures at sunrise, in this epic landscape. The light was really gorgeous, the first rays of sunshine let Lisa's dress sparkle and the red sand provided a unique location for the couple photo shoot in Morocco.

After a delicious breakfast and a short exploration tour through Ourzazate we drove to Merzouga, from where the next day our adventure in the Sahara desert should continue.

On the way there we stopped again for a short couple shoot in the desert landscape of Morocco, you can look at the romantic couplephotos we took there in this blog post.

For the wedding photos in the Sahara desert, we had to rode the camels through the sand dunes for an another two hours the next day, but the long trip to get there got rewarded by a stunning place in the middle of the Sahara desert from where we could watch the rising sun behind the sand dunes all alone. You can find the blog post with the desert elopement photo here.

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